“Gaunerzinken” (Rouges Secret Signs)

The origins of these secret signs most likely lie in Patrin, the sign language of the Romany. These are the signs of the travelling folk which serve as a form of communication among themselves. People, situations and places are described, e.g. “the people are unfriendly”, “feigning piety”, “dangerous dog”, “be pushy”.
Sigrid Noack creatively transforms these age-old signs. She uses gouache techniques, assemblages. This exhibition uncovers social concerns. From their historic origins to their comeback after the opening of the inner German borders when these signs suddenly reappeared in force in the Berlin area, it has clearly become apparent that these secret signs are a living language in a social context.
The Artist’s Book “Gaunerzinken” (Rogues Secret Signs) is a component of this exhibition. A recital of the poems written by Klaus-Dieter Brunotte from the Artist’s Book and the corresponding music composed by Dr. Michael Schenk can be arranged for the opening of this exhibition.