“Sonnenzauber” (Magic of the Sun)

The sun, “the symbol of mortals’ eternal yearning for warmth and light” (B. Pilz), has not lost its magic in spite of scientific insight.
Children’s early paintings usually depict the sun up in a corner. It dominates. Often thin-lipped, with big eyes and wiggly rays of light, it is always a good star.
My pictures and leaves on the sun are characterized by mythology and scientific insight. The beauty of the heavenly body is praised, the appearance described, it becomes prosaic through homage.
Or alternatively it displays its omnipotence: turbulent, protuberances reaching into space, frightening powers. The red fireball is eerily beautiful.
However, anthropomorphism dominates. The sun equals mortals in its expression. It beams, smiles, is tired, wary and self-destructive in its anger.
The distant heavenly body and ancient symbol draws nigh.