Winter`s Ice
to the "Wintertravel" by Wilhelm Mueller

This book is an important contribution to the scientific research conc. Wilhelm Mueller. Wilhelm Muellers „Wintertravel“ has been a mystery for about 200 years for interpreters, singers as well as for Germanists. In the main part of this artists book are given totally new, surprising insights. The “Wintertravel” is placed into the context of political poetry in its time of creation for the first time. The love story is seen as a kind of transparency. Mueller`s cycle is seen in a dimension to escape political persecution, i.e. to cover it.
Some visual artists, for instance Ludwig Richter, tried to argue with Mueller`s texts illustratively. They only analysed one level of this cycle of poems is his love poetry. But Sigrid Noack describes him in her interpretation as a contemporary of an ambivalent presence: narrowness, regulations, rules against any protest and hope. Between power, to loose heart or despair , Wilhelm Mueller is shown as a brave awkward spirit.
So the tenor of the lyric cycle is presented in a dominating blue–white for night and winter as a metaphor. So symbols are characteristic for this book. The love lyric, in the “Wintertravel” only superficial, Sigrid Noack only corresponds by using poorly overpainted, eclipsing transparencies.