Vor dem Anfang  
(Before the beginning)

The beginning of civilization is given to the existence of writing. Non-acceptance of the earliest characters as a first writing was the motivation for this book idea. Marie Koenig could realize these first characters as a kind of communication system and a representation of the conception of the world.
Looking at the clear-cut lines, the overlapping of the carvings, the seeming graffiti, one can still feel the strength of this process. The linear approaches and the reverb trails are tender. In the centre they are strongly deepened. Only the favourable light gives the characters a certain modulation. The low relief light , the graphically-looking web give the impression of today´s processed etching plates. The flat relief is repetition in form and expression of ancient base-reliefs .Heavy gray of the varied rock face dominates. Ocher represents cave interior, moist soil and sand.
On the carve walls vivid red lined ideograms develop their frascinating magical work. In the angle of significance is drawn too high, what is important. Despite its fragile display the characters seem expressive. They are far from the earthly world , owing to their fragility.
Threatened as the almost non-existing sculptures of Alberto Giaccometti.
The legibility of the characters, their interpretation, makes it to the script.