Leichhardt’s diary entries, highly esteemed by experts as literary writing and an ethnological source form the major parts of the book. Preferred for the book were his notes on his experiences and insights reflecting his personality. The scientist's handwriting emphasizes the authenticity of the propositions.
The book combines historic developments and scientific findings with the poetics of life's experience. The colourful, expressive picture pages are directly related to Leichardt’s observations. The Australian continent is reflected in composition and colours of the book.
The article by Sigrid Noack gives the reader insight in Leichhardt’s motivation and shows his relevance for present times. The essay by Ingeborg Arlt takes the example of Leichhardt to investigate how society handles talents.
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Leichhardt, the book makes a contribution to the recognition of the German researcher in Germany … a recognition he has long been enjoying in Australia.

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