("Snowy Day")

„Snowy Day” and „Between skaters” are nature poems with the so-called second level. This means a nomination of human behaviour in social radical changes. The poems show in an epigram polished style how brilliantly these people get along with their smoothness. Frosty they react to untruthfulness and whitewash. The world is cold, so these verses say, coming out of a burning heart.

The Content of the text defines the form. So the bright blue colour dominates the advanced cool character of the compostion. Aggressive mirror splinters enhance this expression. The quick change of expances in white, blue and black as well as pen torn spots create agitation.

This vividness stands in contrast to the clear writings of the poems. The text appears sovereign, nearly calmly instead. The heavy rhythms connect all differences of the artistic means for a unique creation. Picturesque omissions, lines and splashes index link and dramatize the events of the book.