This kind of writing is questioning of registering, collecting and researching in libriaries. But also of the sense of writing, painting or making music as moral attitudes.

As Klaus Dieter Brunotte said: "The writing as a big eye ... has seen everything".

Klaus Dieter Brunotte tracks down in his poems the messages of sign on rocks, the sky and in landscapes. It is just the intention of Leonardo da Vinci to realize how to develop pictures out of spots on walls or signs that represent information. These signs are transformed into writing and so become the bearer of the past. Signs and poems in the book are absolutely of equal rank.

The transparency "cloudy" paper overlays the Texts, griphics and notes diaphanously. This creates a feeling of pervasion of the past and presence simoultaneously. The grey paper as a half-tone is associating a shadow-graph.

The musicof Michael Schenk deepens the expression of the Book independently.