("Reservation Me")

The design of folding shades represents a specific mode of expression of the avantgarde in Eastgermany in the 1980s and 1990s. The poems by Dieter Brunotte were made to the topic precisely. The shades have to be perceived as a barrier between bad and good events of the Iperson going them through. Brunotte tries to suppress reality to enhance the yearning for a better world. The poem written on rough shades paper show the unadulterated folding shades.

The representation of the object is determined by the character of the material. The blue colour is predominating the coloured impression. It is a symbol for the “Blue Hour” , a time of the day with consciousness and contemplation, till the electric light once was coming up. Sprayed, painted glued spaces change with strange signs. The Japanese connection reminds us of the Asian heritage of the shades pictures. The bamboo clasp of the file shows a certain distance but also the feeling to get closer to an expensive secret.