“Paracelsus - friend of the ghosts” imparted in collages, combined with authentic statements, an impression of the natural-philosophical mentality of the great physician and mystic. The statements reveal Paracelsus’ unusual personality. He refuses hierarchical structures, abhors wars, ignores vanities and is a stranger in his times.
Violet, the magical colour, corresponds to the content and nurtures the mysterious character of the book. Segments of roman blinds carry the image symbolically for the spirituality. The collages follow the descriptions that Paracelsus expressed so imaginatively and in great detail. Colour-compressed, the characters act in their essence; cheerfully, whimsically and sometimes scaring. Arabic characters - an allusion to the legends of Arabias's stay of Paracelsus - outline the inner forms and contours. These arabesques create cohesion and internal dynamics. The two commenting texts - one by the art scholar Reimar Börnicke and one by the writer Ingeborg Arlt - emphasize the renunciation of a romantic reference. Börnicke under the light of aesthetics, Arlt by pointing out Paracelsus’ anticipations and thus his topicality.