(Waft of Mist)

The impetus for this book was given by the Corona Schröter honour of the town Guben (Niederlausitz/ country Brandenburg) in behalf of her 250th birthday. Corona Schröter made the first musical setting of the ballad "The Erlkönig" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. So the title of the book is taken from this famous ballad. The gouaches on handmade Kaharipaper stress the drama.
The historian Bernd Pilz estimates the biography and importance of C. Schröter as a singer and actress in her birthplace Guben. Ingeborg Arlt wrote an interesting essay about "The Erlkönig". The composer Hans Hütten takes C. Schröter's composition and adapts it. The original copy of this work you can find in the book on a CD. The text contains Hans Hütten' s thoughts conc. the composition of the ballad.
Sigrid Noack, born in Guben too, expresses her contribution to C. Schröter' s life as an example for female artists in a men-dominated world. So not only the birthplace unites both female artists. C. Schröter's handwriting manyfold changing in rhythm became ornamental.