Magie Marcel Marceau  
(The Magic of Marcel Marceau)

This book is dedicated to the honourable artist Marcel Marceau.,The content means a Credo to Marcel Marceau ,the tragic of the human existence.His outer appearance ,his human mind, precision of movement ,up to his perfect gestures in “Bip-portraits , are shown in accordance with Marceau`s intentions.
His statements to the tasks and the ethetics of mime are assigned to the special pages. The reduced colour range of the book corresponds with the “ Art of Silence“, contrasts are predominantly used. The experience of this book , a Hommage a`Marcel Marceau, is completed by texts of the author, a letter to the Maitre, thoughts to the content to this book and its design . The art historian Reinhild Tetzlaff wrote an article about the artistic value of Marcel Marceau and gives an interpretation to this book.
This book contains the most up-to-date biograghy of Marcel Marceau.