("Secret Marks of Crooks")

Secret marks are both-historic grammalogues and also symbols of a ltest contemporary history. After the abolition of the innergerman borders this sign became visible on the doors and windows in the eastern part of Germany - worrying the inhabitants there.

Secret marks of crooks or rascals are supposed to be originated in the "Patrin", the "language of the speechless", Klaus Dieter Brunotte is convinced of, the people always on the move, the Unsettled. So it´s a speech always adapting to the changing living circumstances and so also developing continously.
In the Way people living in the streets were able to communicate about the established residents are dependent from.
The poems of Klaus Dieter Brunotte are of modern vagabond lyric, diverse in metric, also satiric and tragicomic.
The composer Michael Schenk ephasizes the atmosphere by special tonemedleys or other modern musical ideas.

The character of the book as well as the corpus of the cover are rustic. Torn pages, similar to a lost property packing-paper and sand round up the whole expression.

This book of 1995 represents a seismographic reaction on the characteristics of its time.